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Today, Work Was Like This…


Check this fucking shit out

While I was in a meeting this morning, I apparently got paged by the front desk to move my car. Someone mentioned the page when I got back to my desk.

So I went out to figure out WTF and I wish I would have got a picture before I moved my car. I was the first person to park on the road this morning (I got to work at 7:00 am) so I don’t know who could have a problem with the way I parked since everyone else could just park around me.

Now, this photo was taken AFTER work. Like 5:30 pm. I moved my car around 10:00 am. And when I went out at 10:00, this silver car was parked about an inch and a half off my rear bumper. At 5:30, the car hadn’t moved.

This is the situation:

Somebody’s Got A Case Of The Mondays

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