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A little stormy…


NJLE Weather Service

Of course it's going to rain all weekend.

Of course it's going to rain all weekend.

Bah.  The only good thing about this is that Canadian meteorologists don’t have a clue and this forecast could easily change.  Whenever I get around to forming the NJLE Weather Service, I’m going to hire psychics rather than meteorologists.  I’ll probably stand a better chance at actually getting some decent forecasts.

Royal Proclamation

NJLE Seal (Small)

Seasonal Attire

I, as the King of the New JeffLand Empire, hereby proclaim that shorts and sandals season has arrived! Wear ye summer finery and applaud the arrival of warm weather!

If This Week Was Turned Into A Movie…

It would have to be…

The Day After Tomorrow

The Day After Tomorrow

After some pretty sweet weather, we’ve been given a meteorological bitch-slap to remind us that this is still March and we ain’t out of the woods quite yet.

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