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I, Alone

The King is ‘holding the fort’ on his own this week. The rest of the royal family went on a bit of a road trip to the Canadian west coast to visit the Duchess in Vancouver; making this the first re-union since she migrated west from the NJLE.

I’d liked to have been able to go.  However, in the past six months, all of those little things that go along with being King necessitated me taking an hour off here, a half a day there and before you know it… I’ve burned through all of my vacation time that I’d earned manning the helm of industry.  What can I say?  I’ve nickel and dimed myself out of a summer vacation.

Corona & Lime

Down the hatch...

So what am I to do for the next week?  Judging from the picture to the left, I’m going to have a bevy or two.  I’m going to relax.  I’m going to lounge around in the royal chambers absolutely buck naked.  I’m going to save my farts in a jar.  You know, the kind of the things that all of the royals do when they are unsupervised.

To be truthful, I’ve got a few things that I’d like to get done around the kingdom over the next couple of days.  Exactly what those things are, well… I’m not going to give it up here.  In reality, there’s a lot depending on what the weather is going to be like; weather that has been nothing but infinitely sucktastic since the royal fam left yesterday morning.

I guess there is a lot that can go on in the next week in the New JeffLand Empire… I’ll have to post some updates to make sure that everyone is on the same page.

The Olympic Fever

Vancouver 2010

Vancouver 2010

We are about 24 hours into the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, Canada and if you are reading this blog, undoubtedly, the question on the tip of your tongue is, “who is representing JeffLand at the 2010 Olympics?  I didn’t see JeffLand during the opening ceremonies.”

Sadly, the population of JeffLand is so small that we don’t even have enough people to form a single hockey line, never mind a whole team.  Skiing isn’t our thing and JeffLand has taken an official stand against curling as a real sport.  And between luge and bobsledding, JeffLand doesn’t have enough real estate to actually build a track.

So there it is.  JeffLand is not represented at the Olympics.  Perhaps someday, we will be able to send someone to the Olympics but I’m not holding my breath.  Until the day that we do send someone, JeffLand will be officially throwing support behind Canada.

The RCMP carrying the flag

The RCMP carrying the flag

Of course, Canada has a long and illustrious history at the Olympics and on the world stage in general.  All JeffLandians were Canadians at one time (until JeffLand seceded from Canada) so it’s natural for us to cheer Canada on.

Given our penchant for hockey, naturally we are focused on Canada’s men’s hockey team as is much of every Canadian.  We have been following the NHL and with some of the insane talent that will be representing various nations, it is going to be an exciting Olympic hockey tournament.

As far as I’m concerned, Canada is a huge super power in the tournament however Sweden, Russia and the United States of America can’t be dismissed.  I just want the good guys to come out on top.

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