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My Apple TV Is Blowing Up

It’s because TV has got so awesome lately. Seriously. The last 5 years have shown some serious improvement in the quality of television that isn’t sitcom or soap operas. As a result, the hard drive of my computer is blowing up with all kinds of awesomeness waiting to be watched.

#1 – The Americans Season 2

Season 2

Season 2

#2 – True Detective Season 1

True Detective Season One

Yes, that’s Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey.

#3 – 24: Live Another Day

Jack Is Back. Bitch.

Jack Is Back. Bitch.


Media Consolidation Infographic (by Frugal Dad)

I really wanted to reblog this article but couldn’t figure out how to do it from the WordPress mobile interface. So this is the next best thing:

Media Consolidation Infographic

Source: Frugal dad

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