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Insects Helping Columbia


Columbia’s James Rodriguez during the semi-final of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

I don’t know if anyone here has been following the FIFA World Cup but the quarter final game of Brazil vs Columbia was one heck of a match for more reasons than the obvious.

World Cup goal scoring leader, Columbia’s James (pronounced Hamez) Rodriguez is about to take a penalty kick, closing in on the end of the game while Columbia is down 2-0. Suddenly, this happened and Twitter almost blew up. Personally, I didn’t even see it when it happened… as I was checking in late in the game.

But it’s really too bad that the insect had to fly away. Maybe he could have guided James to another goal to tie the game instead of losing to Brazil.


The most well represented club teams at the World Cup

I was hoping to find something more to see how many players there are in North American leagues but this is still really interesting!

July: My Month Off

Ball hockey. Over.
Outdoor soccer. Over.
Football. Taking July off.

Oh fuck yes. Now beer me.

Top 15 Worst Sports Moments of All Time (via Listverse)

Top 15 Worst Sports Moments of All Time For every Lance Armstrong and Jesse Owens who beat the odds and give us heartwarming and unforgettable moments, there are hundreds of athletes who do not come out on top. There are the guys who didn’t quite come back, the players who disgraced their sports and disgusted the world. This list is the antithesis of The Greatest Sports Moments of All Time. These are the moments that made your scream at your TV in anguish, pain, sympathy and disg … Read More

via Listverse

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