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Apple Genius Is Not So Smart


In what universe is Blue Rodeo like Scars On Broadway?


A Wrecked Gallery

I don’t normally have complaints about the iPhone, since it is an incredible device, however today is a different story. Now, this is partly because of my own stupidity and partly because of the phone.

After about three days, I connected my iPhone to iTunes to perform a synchronization and I got some bizarre error, one I’ve never seen before.  So, I did what I do naturally… I unmount and then unplug my phone and reconnect it.

Then, I saw a message in iTunes telling me that I needed to restore my iPhone.  Again, I thought that it must be an error and I unmounted and unplugged my phone.  After reconnecting it, I realized that the message warning me of needing to restore my phone was still there.  So what do I do?

Without thinking, I just hit ‘Restore’.  It had been three days since my last sync and I automatically hit ‘Restore’.  The whole process went off without a hitch, until I looked at my photo gallery:

My iPhone 'Camera Roll'

My iPhone 'Camera Roll'

None of the photos were missing, save all of the photos I took at my kids’ Celebration Of Learning at school.  What was missing was the thumbnails of select photos that I’d either imported to or exported from my phone via other apps like Facebook, Flickit, Whatsapp etc.  The photos have all been saved to my iPhoto so I’m not concerned about losing the pictures; I can just delete them.

The thing is… it’s just very bizarre.

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