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This movie was pretty insane; I rented it from iTunes around Halloween and then discovered that it is the first part of a trilogy! Wow. Gonna check out the next one for sure!

(FYI-it’s a Spanish subtitled zombie horror flick that is taken in real time from a single camera perspective.)


Good Night, Jason Vorhees

Jason Vorhees

Once again, another Friday the 13th has passed and you didn’t get me.  Until next time, sucka.

New Ambassadorial Assignment


I am re-assigning the New JeffLand Empire’s primary Good Will Ambassador, Frederick Charles Krueger, to the town of Trenton, New Jersey in response to recent current events.

Frederick Charles Krueger

Frederick Charles Krueger

Given Frederick’s long-standing history of delivering good will to those in dire need of it, we have no doubt that he will handle this matter to a satisfactory conclusion.

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