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My Apple Maps Experience


Everyone has been complaining about Apple Maps. The iOS 6 replacement for Google Maps is largely seen as a huge blunder made by Apple. The reasons are many and valid. Bus routes have disappeared as well as walking directions. The accuracy of the maps as well as the level of detail of the Apple Maps vs Google Maps isn’t even in the same echelon. Apple tries to keep a lot of the same functionality but with the amount of time and money that Google has invested in their Maps experience, Apple’s departing from this standard was destined from the beginning to be sub-standard.

With that being said, I gave Apple Maps a trial run yesterday.

I used the app to get from the office to the football field where the Duke of Ginger was to be playing football later in the day. The trips was mapped nicely with a voice giving me directions that were accurate. With exception of the very end of the trip where the final destination was not exactly where the app said it was (luckily, I already knew where I was going) the experience was good.

However, the drive home was a different story. Again, I already knew where I was going, but I gave it a try to see how it would perform. While directing me through a sketchy part of town can’t be blamed on the app, the final destination was way off. Check out these two screenshots from my iPhone:


If you look at the address in the search field and what is on the map, they are not even close. However, this was a problem I experienced with Google Maps as well and this seems, to me, to be related to the convention of the address. The use of hyphens in the address seems to confuse both Google Maps and Apple Maps alike. Once I removed the hyphen in the address, the proper location showed up:


Okay, so it’s not perfect on the exact location of the destination. However, for the record, the pin location of the arena is correct. It’s the location of George S. Hughes/Southside Arena on the map that is wrong. Tell me how that one works.

I’m going to keep using Apple Maps. It’s not like I am in New York or need it so desperately. This town is small and, for the most part, I know enough for it to tell me where I need to go.

My biggest beef: it doesn’t show the New JeffLand Empire. At all.



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The King shared an Instagram photo with you

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Remember The Rathole?

I’ve had this draft hanging out on my dashboard since July and I figure it’s time to finish it off…

July was a wet month with some torrential downpours. Because of it, I posted to Twitter:

I realized that I was dating myself because some people (younger folks) on the Twitter had no idea what The Rathole was!! I had to admit that I was shocked at this because The Rathole was a complete traffic abomination by the end of it’s life and was completely hated by most Edmontonians.

Edmonton’s hated Rathole

At the time of its construction in 1927, The Rathole was lauded from an engineering perspective and was a source of controversy right from the start. The contract for the construction was awarded to a contractor who hadn’t turned in the lowest bid and would ultimately result in legal proceedings.

The Rathole would live for 73 years chock full of traffic jams, semi-trucks driving tall loads into it’s concrete face and flooding with approximately 27,000 cars driving through it, per day, near it’s demise.

In 2000, it was finally demolished and replaced with a fabulous six lane free-flow roadway that would eliminate the traffic horrors in the area. However, for as much of a nightmare The Rathole was, it’s hard to imagine that there would be people who wouldn’t be aware of it’s legacy!

Anyway, for those who are interested… there are a few articles I’ve linked below. I’m also trying out some QR codes so get yourself a QR code reader and get scanning!

Standard General – The Rathole Project




The Edmonton Public Library – A City Called Home






The Edmonton Public Library – Rathole Infofile

Street From TD Tower


view full image

TD Tower


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City of Edmonton To Dynamite Massive Snow Piles

One Of Edmonton's Snow Dumps

With the heavy snowfall experienced in the Capital region, snow dumps around the city have expanded to epic proportions, raising concern with city council that the piles may not be melted come the fall. This would, of course, pose a problem for snow disposal crews for the winter of 2011.

Core samples taken from the massive piles have proven that, due to the heavier than average quantity of snow and the use of heavy machinery to spread the snow, most of the interior of the piles are solid ice and would take substantially longer to melt.

In a drastic move by Edmonton city council, a motion was pushed through to use thousands of pounds of dynamite to break up these mountains of ice and expose their icy centers to the summer sun in hopes of melting them faster. Of course, not everyone is a fan of the idea.

Surrounding homes and businesses are concerned about the potential for flying ice debris causing property damage or even injury to those nearby. Despite these concerns, city council has decided to move ahead with the proposal.

“These locations have been chosen because of their distance from the residential and business centers. We’ve been assured that the risk to nearby public is minimal,” said Edmonton mayor, Steven Mandel.

No date has been set for the demolition of these snow dumps however experts predict it will likely be sometime in early May and adequate warning will be given to the surrounding communities prior to the explosions taking place.

Capital Ex – 2010

Capital ExThe Royal Family is heading out to Capital Ex tomorrow for the celebration of the Duke Of Ginger’s recent ‘coming of age’.  The Duke just turned thirteen… meaning he’s graduated to being a teenager now.  It should be an absolute smashing time.

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