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The Inevitability Of Death

A death in the family is a tough thing to go through. Even when someone you care about has been sick for a long time and given a grim prognosis, the finality of death is still very difficult to come to terms with.

Even though I was baptized as a Catholic Christian, I don’t fully accept the concept of an afterlife. I am, largely, a man of science… of what can be proven. This leads me to believe in the here and now as being what is important. I believe in the time that we have as being finite and valuable and to be enjoyed.

When someone passes, it causes me to return to these thoughts and consider if I am doing that; enjoying life to its fullest. Because I know there are no second chances.


Layne Staley: In Memoriam

Layne Staley: August 22, 1967 – April 5, 2002

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 9 years since Layne Staley left this world. The darkness that he wore on his sleeve eventually consumed him, leaving behind an incredible musical legacy for all of us.

*whew* Morgan Freeman is NOT dead!


A great man and a great actor.

This man cannot be allowed to die.  Seriously, he is far too awesome to lose to the grim reaper.

Information circulating on Twitter on Thursday alleging CNN reported that actor Morgan Freeman had died is a hoax.

via Who said Morgan Freeman is dead? Not us – This Just In – Blogs.

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