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We Are Not Running A Lemonade Stand

So, I’m looking through this engineering document for this project that is around $300,000,000 in capital cost. It’s quite a hefty document with an indecent number of pages and a lot of blood, sweat and tears (emphasis on the tears, I’m guessing) going into it.

I get to one section where they are estimating costs for various portions of the project. They obviously were using some kind of a template to put these costs together but the title on each page was written in Comic Sans font…


This isn’t a handout for a grade 3 class newsletter. This isn’t a Tupperware party invitation. This isn’t a sign for a lemonade stand.

This is a technical document that details the work involved with a $300,000,000 industrial project. DON’T USE COMIC SANS! Our client sees this! It makes us look like a mickey mouse operation! Whoever did this needs to be fired. For reals.

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