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A Summer Of Birthdays

The Empire celebrated not one but two momentous occasions very recently.

The month of May holds the birthdays of the Prince of Stanley as well as the Prince of Albacore! Not only are they in the same month but they are a mere eight days apart!

As such, these two birthdays were rejoiced and heralded by everyone living within the borders of this great nation. Great feasts were held in their honour with gifts and music.

Many friends of the two princes came to join in the festivities. The Prince of Stanley had a sleepover while the Prince of Albacore opted for a family campout in the backwoods wilderness immediately behind the palace.

All that being said, it was an expensive month to try to balance the budget and maintain the infrastructure while still jubilantly commemorating these events. The best part is that the Queen has a birthday in June while the Duke grows another year older in July. It’s a non-stop cavalcade of birthdays throughout the summer. No wonder we never get anywhere.



It’s early Friday morning at the Prince of Stanley’s year end school trip. Ok, it isn’t that early… it’s 7:49 and on a normal working Friday, I’d already have my nose hard to the grindstone.

Yesterday was filled with horseback riding, lean-to building and ziplining out in the woods. Today, it’s canoeing and archery before I let the Prince hit the souvenir shop and we jump on the bus back to civilization.

(It just hit me now but how cool would it have been to combine the horseback riding with the archery? There’s probably a policy somewhere about letting anyone shoot potentially lethal projectiles from the back of a large animal in mid-run. Pity.)

I’ve really had no connection out here, save for the times that I’ve been in the open field nearby. In fact, I’m writing this post in Evernote so that I can put it up later when we get back to E-ville. So, I’ve been in withdrawal a bit… I guess I can blame Rogers for that.

Right now, I’m going to go and wake up a half-full bunk of sleeping boys and get them up-and-at-’em before they ring the breakfast bell. I’m just praying for coffee at this point. Mmm… coffee.

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