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MW3 Awesomeness


I’m sure that this has been done countless times before however this is a first for me; getting six kills with a single Stealth Bomber in Modern Warfare 3. If you look in the sidebar of the picture… yeah, I’m Pehrent. It was pretty cool but can be largely attributed to the stupidity of the other team while playing Kill Confirmed.


“I’ll Be In My Office” (Life Achievement)

In hockey, there is the term ‘hat-trick’ which refers to a player scoring three goals in a single game. The origins of the word can be researched here: Hat-trick (Wikipedia).

Building off of the momentum of one of hockeys most celebrated feats of skill, a new term has arisen called the ‘shat-trick’, which of course refers to someone taking three shits in a single day. Gruesome to some, celebrated by others.

It would be me that would have to take the glory of the shat-trick, elevate its importance and then attribute a Life Achievement to it. So, I unveil the challenge:

I’ll Be In My Office

In order to complete this challenge, you must score a shat-trick in a single shift in your workplace.

And I’m not talking about going and sitting in a stall and squeezing off a few farts that echo off the tile… you have to be legitimately ‘conducting your business’ to complete this challenge.

And as a reward for completing this challenge, in true Modern Warfare 2 fashion, you unlock yourself a title:

For the shat-trick

...and I don't want to be disturbed!

Nazi Zombies… DIE!!!

Die, motherfuckers!!

So I get nightmares that involve the undead… any idea why?  Shotgunning Nazi zombies may just be the cause… but it’s also therapy.

Momma’s Boy (Life Achievement)

A colleague and I had previously discussed the idea of being able to integrate the XBox gaming perspective of gaming ‘Achievements’ into real-life.  How you could do this… I have no idea but I’ve decided that here, on the NJLE site, that I am going to try and capture these moments when I can.

Today is Mother’s Day.  For people who are of age to have moved out of their parent’s house, it’s customary to at least call your mother on the telephone.

I called my Mom this morning, shortly after waking up and getting my coffee (I mean, one must have their priorities in order!) to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day.  We chatted for a bit when my Grandmother had come through the door at my parents’ house, so I chatted with her too.  Before hanging up, my Mom mentioned that I was the first child to call her that morning.

MW2 Momma's Boy

MW2 Mother's Day title

Now, I’m going beyond XBox Achievements to make up a specific Modern Warfare 2 title/callsign to recognize my accomplishment of calling Mom on Mother’s Day before both of my siblings.  And considering I talked to my Grandma at the same time, I think I also earned double XP for that move and get to be “Son Of The Year”.

Until next year, suckas!!

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