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“I’ll Be In My Office” (Life Achievement)

In hockey, there is the term ‘hat-trick’ which refers to a player scoring three goals in a single game. The origins of the word can be researched here: Hat-trick (Wikipedia).

Building off of the momentum of one of hockeys most celebrated feats of skill, a new term has arisen called the ‘shat-trick’, which of course refers to someone taking three shits in a single day. Gruesome to some, celebrated by others.

It would be me that would have to take the glory of the shat-trick, elevate its importance and then attribute a Life Achievement to it. So, I unveil the challenge:

I’ll Be In My Office

In order to complete this challenge, you must score a shat-trick in a single shift in your workplace.

And I’m not talking about going and sitting in a stall and squeezing off a few farts that echo off the tile… you have to be legitimately ‘conducting your business’ to complete this challenge.

And as a reward for completing this challenge, in true Modern Warfare 2 fashion, you unlock yourself a title:

For the shat-trick

...and I don't want to be disturbed!


Momma’s Boy (Life Achievement)

A colleague and I had previously discussed the idea of being able to integrate the XBox gaming perspective of gaming ‘Achievements’ into real-life.  How you could do this… I have no idea but I’ve decided that here, on the NJLE site, that I am going to try and capture these moments when I can.

Today is Mother’s Day.  For people who are of age to have moved out of their parent’s house, it’s customary to at least call your mother on the telephone.

I called my Mom this morning, shortly after waking up and getting my coffee (I mean, one must have their priorities in order!) to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day.  We chatted for a bit when my Grandmother had come through the door at my parents’ house, so I chatted with her too.  Before hanging up, my Mom mentioned that I was the first child to call her that morning.

MW2 Momma's Boy

MW2 Mother's Day title

Now, I’m going beyond XBox Achievements to make up a specific Modern Warfare 2 title/callsign to recognize my accomplishment of calling Mom on Mother’s Day before both of my siblings.  And considering I talked to my Grandma at the same time, I think I also earned double XP for that move and get to be “Son Of The Year”.

Until next year, suckas!!

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