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Insects Helping Columbia


Columbia’s James Rodriguez during the semi-final of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

I don’t know if anyone here has been following the FIFA World Cup but the quarter final game of Brazil vs Columbia was one heck of a match for more reasons than the obvious.

World Cup goal scoring leader, Columbia’s James (pronounced Hamez) Rodriguez is about to take a penalty kick, closing in on the end of the game while Columbia is down 2-0. Suddenly, this happened and Twitter almost blew up. Personally, I didn’t even see it when it happened… as I was checking in late in the game.

But it’s really too bad that the insect had to fly away. Maybe he could have guided James to another goal to tie the game instead of losing to Brazil.


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Kijiji Can Suck My Ass

It’s a little like the Radiohead song, ‘Just’.

You do it to yourself, you do… and that’s what really hurts…

In a flurry of civic pride after it was announced that the Edmonton Eskimos would be going head to head against their arch-rivals, the godless Calgary Stampeders, I hit Ticketmaster and secured four seats to this Western Semi-Final match-up. The way I figured this would go would be that the Duke of Ginger and I would occupy two seats and the father-in-law and uncle-in-law could join us and occupy the other two.

Enter: Wrinkle #1

The father-in-law goes back to work and is working that weekend. And the uncle-in-law wasn’t too keen on sitting through a frosty November football game to begin with.

What I was trying to accomplish was to give a little back to some folks who have been pretty good to me but this is a little lesson to think a little before I act.

Enter: Wrinkle #2

The Duke of Ginger and I have season seats and, with season seats, you already pay for a pair of playoff tickets when you fork out your money in the off-season. But how the hell was I supposed to know that? This is only my second year as a season ticket holder and the Eskimos haven’t hosted a playoff game since 2004 anyway! Who’da thunk it?!

So now, I have six tickets and only two butts to actually fill them. Since the tickets I bought from Ticketmaster cost me $198, I would like to try to at least recoup some of my money.

I made a couple of feeble attempts to sell them on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter; hoping that maybe there would be an excited fan who would snap them up right away.

So far, I’ve yet to get even a nibble. (To use a fishing metaphor.)

Now, I’m resorting to Kijiji; daring to brave the world of Kijiji Low-Ballers. The process itself is pretty simple for setting up an ad. However, I got some weird message saying that I’ve activated too many ads today and prevented me from actually posting my ad for these tickets!

How could I have posted too many ads when this is the first time I’ve ever used this fucking site?!?

This is about where I would go thermonuclear… if I weren’t at work right now. With two bills hanging in the balance, I’m really praying for a miracle at this point. And I only get more desperate from here on out.

Riders at Lions


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