About The King

With the Royal Pooch

King Jeff with the Royal Pooch

This is me; Jeff. I’m the king of JeffLand. It’s a full-time gig.

I was born a Canadian; the first 17 years of my life were spent growing up in rural Alberta, Canada. I did what most kids in my situation did at that age; I played hockey, rode bikes, spent some time burning things, drove tractor and handled cattle. Par for the course for a farm kid.

At some point, I decided that farm life wasn’t for me. At the tender age of 17, I relocated to Edmonton and post-secondary school to gain some knowledge and a foothold in the oil and gas sector; an ever-booming industry at the time. There, I attended classes, discovered an affection for beer and became a pretty average student. Through some successes and epic fails, I managed to drag a two year diploma program out over a solid four years. But at the end of it, my diligence to the curriculum and my disdain for living in relative poverty garnered me pretty decent grades and a shiny diploma.

After that, I joined the ranks of the average working stiff. I’ve moved around from here to there but it’s been continually one step up from the former employer. But somewhere along the line decided that, as necessary as it is, being an Eddie Punchclock is not my bag. So, I decided to create my own empire. It’s got modest beginnings and is hardly self sustaining… definitely not able to offer me the cavalier life of luxury that I deserve. S0 until this empire becomes a world power, I’ll continue to be working for the weekend. (queue music)


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