iPhone Haterz

The iPhone 3GS

Sure, I’ve professed my love for the iPhone to so many people. I’ve bragged about it and it’s superiority to other smartphones. And there are many other geeks out there that would agree with me.

However, right now… in this very moment, I absolutely HATE my iPhone. HATE.

I’m not even two years into my iPhone 3GS ownership and, already, I have battery issues. Also, I think that I’ve got an issue with my dock connection which cuts the life to an unusable low level. Basically, on a good day, I can get maybe 20 minutes of use out of my phone when it is not plugged in and that’s after I turned off the 3G and dimmed the screen.

I’d read articles that would chide the iPhone for not having a removable battery. I read those articles and thought that they were really backwards thinkers for wanting to have battery access. Having the battery sealed inside the phone housing was an innovation, right?

It’s only an innovation if you have a fresh battery. Otherwise, it’s a massive pain in the fucking ass that turns out to be wicked expensive to fix. It’s so bad that I almost want to consider buying an Android phone but I’ve already invested so much money in apps for iOS devices that it’s a little late to change now.


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