NHL Playoff Pool 2011 – Round Two Update

Here we go... again.

The first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs ended last night and, already, we’re looking at the beginning of round two. Round one featured four series’ that went to seven games and I don’t even know many games went into overtime.

What I’m saying is that round one set a pretty high standard for exciting hockey and round two has some large boots to fill.

Anyway, as far as my playoff pool goes… after the first game of the series, I already found myself in the basement. Out of 11 people in the pool, I was dead last. In the heat of battle mid-way through the round, I got as high as sixth however as the round started to wind down… my rank went back into the crapper.

I guess I am more likely, at this point, to be holding out for the long haul. It’s not like I have much choice though. On the positive side, some people lost as many as six players in the first round; I only lost two players: Corey Perry and Sidney Crosby. It’s a damn shame about Perry since he was kicking ass being 4th in league scoring, tallying me 13 points. And Crosby? Since he didn’t even step foot on the ice due to his concussion, he got me a whopping zero points. I thought that the Penguins would make it out of round one and Sid The Kid would have a chance to get on the board but, obviously, that didn’t happen.

So where do I sit at the start of round two?

I’m in the basement. Again. The leader of the pool has 135 points and I’m at the bottom with 106 points. I guess it’s a long road to the Cup, even now, and anything can still happen… particularly since a lot of people ahead of me have far fewer players still in the playoffs than I do.


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