Team Canada: Do Or Die… For Real

After the upset of Team Canada by the Americans on Super Sunday, this week has been dubbed ‘Hell Week’ and for good reason. Canada must face the Germans tonight, who definitely aren’t going to roll over and die for anyone, before they can advance to the Quarter-Finals against Alexander Ovechkin and the Russians. It’s a long, hard road out of hell for Team Canada to say the least.

How did we get here? Sunday’s game against the Americans was a shocker for everyone. As TSN’s Bob Mackenzie predicted, Canada vs the USA would be a goaltender battle and Ryan Miller stood on his head for the Americans, stopping almost everything but the kitchen sink. In contrast, from the drop of the puck Martin Brodeur looked awkward and shaky when handling the puck that would ultimately lead to goals on a couple of occaisions. For a three time Stanley Cup winning goaltender that already has an Olympic gold medal in his trophy case along with a plethora of other accolades during his distinguished career, his play was uncharacteristic.

Luongo is getting the start tonight so we will see what kind of a difference that makes. The game is starting so I’m wrapping this up!


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  1. It was reassuring to see Canada man-handle Germany like they were a midget in a gang-bang. 8-2 final score!

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